What Are the Best Cycling Routes in Thailand?

Thailand is a beautiful destination to visit, and the affordability of exploring it by bike makes it even more attractive. Plus, biking allows you to discover the different parts of Thailand that are not accessible by car or bus. But before you embark on this journey, let us help you familiarise yourself with the top cycling routes in this beautiful Southeast Asian country.

The best cycling routes in Thailand are those created by the locals that are well-maintained and have a lot to offer. These paths will lead you to remote areas and beautiful scenery—and even give you opportunities to discover local customs and culture.

1. Kanchanaburi Province, Western Thailand

As one of the most picturesque provinces, Kanchanaburi has a wealth of historical sites, such as the Hellfire Pass and the Bridge over the River Kwai. It’s also home to Muang Singh, which is packed with ornate temples and huge caves. Those who cycle up to the forested hills of this province will be rewarded with spectacular views. The whole landscape here is mountainous, which is why we recommend mountain bikes when visiting this part of Thailand. 

2. Lumphini Park, Bangkok

When you’re in Bangkok, visiting the lush Lumphini Park is a must. There, you’ll find vibrant markets, cyclists of all varieties and maybe even a few local elderly practising their Tai Chi as the sun comes up. The park’s centrepiece is an attractive lake, surrounded by a wide, smooth cycle path. You can bring your bike to this park. Or, you can get one from the bike-share stations that also offer convenient pick-up when you’re done riding. Then, stop for a quick lunch at one of the many food stalls in this park. 

3. Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand

The Chiang Rai City is a treasure trove of wonderful sights, which you can conveniently witness via a leisurely cycle. You can stop by the beautiful Wat Rong Khun, for instance. To avoid the heavy traffic heading to this popular site, you can pedal for 15 kilometres along a route that follows the Mae Lao River through stunning and peaceful paddy fields.

4. Sukhothai, Northern Thailand

For people living in Sukhothai, bikes have always been the best way to move around. That biking culture results in rural trails near the city that make bike riding safe, interesting and fun. Some trails can even take you through some historic canals. Cycling through the entire province is a breeze, thanks to the easy-to-navigate paths and surrounding spectacular architectures.

5. Chiang Mai to Samoeng Loop 

Are you an experienced rider? How about going on a 100km ride on a Chiang Mai to Samoeng loop. It’s a relatively easy ride, and it’ll give you enough of an adrenaline jolt to keep things lively. This 100km round-trip covers the mountains northwest of the city, allowing you to experience a total elevation gain of 1975 metres.

6. Bangkok to Phuket Route

From Bangkok to Phuket, you’ll come across a lot of fellow cyclists. And your eyes will be treated to great scenery. The sea ride follows the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand and then crosses the isthmus of Kra. Then, you’ll follow the coast of the Andaman Sea to Phuket. Despite the long ride of around 850 km, this route is easygoing, and experienced riders shouldn’t face any problems.

Each cycling route provides different experiences depending on your level of riding, expectations and physical fitness. But no matter which route you choose, you’ll bring home great memories and probably a newfound appreciation of what Thailand can offer.