6 Shed Design Ideas for Bike Storage 

After an hour or day of cycling, where do you store your bike? Do you just leave it in the garage or park it near your home’s front door for easy access? While you can practically park your bike anywhere your home, isn’t it better to have proper bike storage? With these six shed design ideas for bike storage, you can protect your bikes against theft and harsh weather conditions while keeping your backyard or front yard looking clean and organized. 

1. Create a Cedarwood Bike Shed

Build a lean-to shed made of cedarwood in your backyard. If you have ample space, make it bigger than usual, so it won’t only store your bicycle but also your helmets, tools, and accessories. Keeping them in one place will make your life much more organized. You no longer have to spend hours looking for your saddlebag or bike pump around the house. 

2. Purchase a Custom Steel Shed

Steel sheds are sturdy and secure, making them perfect for storing multiple bicycles. You have the option to go for custom steel sheds. Look for a contractor that can install shelves for your helmet, tools, gloves, and accessories. Your steel shed can also have double doors for easy access, a rain guard for extra protection, or floors bolted down for added security.

3. Build a Pallet Wood Bike Shed

a wood shed design for bike storage

If you want an affordable bike shed at home, consider building using inexpensive pallet wood. You can choose to build only the floor, roof, and side panels. Just place a parking rack inside to lock and secure your bikes since the shed is open. But if you can extend your budget, go and add a door to ensure your belongings are completely secure all day long. 

4. Install Individually Accessed Bike Lockers 

Do you run and live in a sharehouse and want to add bike storage for your tenants? You can create or turn a steel shed into a large shed with individually accessed bike lockers. This shed-slash-locker is made of steel, and each unit can store a single bike. It is also one of the best shed design ideas for bike storage for shops or corporate offices. You can keep your employees’ bikes out of sight to protect them against theft and maintain curbside appeal. 

5. Buy a Super-Tough Bike Vault

Bike vaults made from low-density polyethylene work as good bike storage sheds. They have doors complete with stainless steel hasps for a padlock. Inside the vault is a designated spot to install a lock or chain for extra security. They are also weatherproof and often arrive ready to assemble. The only drawback with this vault is it can take up some floor space but only has enough room for a single bike, helmet, and safety gear. You might have to keep your bike tools and other accessories in your garage or another separate area. 

6. Go for a Cottage-Like Bike Shed

Are you looking to make a style statement in your yard? A sturdy yet compact bike storage shed with a cottage-like design is perfect for you. Offered by several manufacturers, this shed is made from hard plastic and comes with extruded wall panels for extra strength and stability. Its size is perfect if you don’t have much space in your yard. And with beautiful details like windows and vents, this storage shed will be a welcome addition to any home.