Explore These Bike-Friendly Cities in Asia

Seeing a city from a bike is an entirely different experience. It’s so much more relaxing and enjoyable than seeing it in the monotony of the car, bus or via aeroplane. If you want to save some cash while travelling, getting a bike could be the way to go—renting them is much cheaper than using a cab or Uber. Take a bike tour of these cities for your next getaway!

  1. Osaka, Japan

Many locals in Osaka prefer biking as their main mode of transport because the city is designed around it. Dotonbori is a 2.5km long street lined with shops and small eateries as well as hole-in-the-walls that you can dine through. It offers a fun way to get a taste of the local culture and nightlife in Osaka, Japan. You can always get through the crowds of pedestrians by steering towards side streets near Dotonbori River. You can also cycle around Osaka Castle, which can be pretty taxing on foot.

  1. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei has a successful bike-share scheme and impressive cycling infrastructure. The biking culture here also has the support of the local government. There are tons of low-cost rentals, so you can save money by looking for somewhere in the city where you can ride. Taipei is truly a great place for cyclists to explore; there are even shops that would love to help you find the perfect bike.

  1. Iloilo, Philippines

Iloilo has built an 11km bike lane along their national highway and selected roads. Their example has shown many other cities how to incorporate bikes into their public transportation systems. In Iloilo, some lanes only have a few markers, but the one closest to the main intersection is protected by plants & bollards. The people of Amsterdam have always been especially eager to promote cycling, so the city’s transportation department partnered with the Dutch Embassy on a bike planning project. Iloilo aims to expand its network of bike lanes, which will cement its status as the “Bike Capital” of the Philippines.

  1. Beijing, China

With Beijing’s grid system city planning and a bike lane that covers the whole city, navigating on a bike is easy peasy. Beijing also has plans to build an elevated cycling path—a 9km-long path in Xiamen specifically—to make commuting to the downtown area easier. With the bike-share boom, there are bicycles in every corner of the street. As soon as you’ve downloaded the app and scanned one, you can hop on a bike easily!

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Despite Tokyo’s popular and reliable train network, many people prefer biking. It is a convenient way to get around the city. Frequent bikers used to be a bother to pedestrians, but they can now cycle on the road safely with the help of a bicycle lane. There are many popular scenic biking routes around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, making for a picturesque setting. There are also a few small-to-medium traffic streets near Daikanyama and Aoyama that are perfect for cycling. Here’s another idea: head to Tsukiji for a seafood lunch, then ride across the Kachidoki Bridge to Odaiba, which is home to tourist attractions like teamLAB museum and Toyota City Showcase.