Role of a Body Corporate Management Team

Resolves Disputes and Conflicts

The management team of a body corporate resolves disputes by coming up with an impartial approach when handling complaints and concerns raised by the members. Although conflicts don’t often occur, such scenarios can create tension. Example situations are adjacent developments, noise, parking, tenanted units, and others. To effectively assist in the mentioned scenarios, the management team is expected to act professionally and objectively.

Administrative Tasks

Another critical role of the body corporate management team is taking care of administrative tasks such as handling day-to-day requests and paperwork, organizing special and annual general meetings, collecting contributions from the members, and maintaining financial statements.

Managing Insurance

The management team also manages strata insurances by dealing with brokers or with the insurance companies directly as required to get the most economical and cost-effective coverage for members of the body corporate.

As part of this task, the management team takes care of submitting insurance claims, scheduling maintenance work, and providing options and general advice to the owners’ corporation in issues related to public liability. This is to help ensure that required processes are being followed in insurance coverage as well as bookkeeping for potential future public liability claims.

Handles Maintenance

Last but definitely not the least, the team manages the maintenance of the essential services and facilities of the body corporate, including getting quotes from service providers, scheduling works as needed in ensuring that these infrastructures are always in good condition and will not endanger members or visitors, submitting important services reports as required, and reviewing current legislation compliance.

It’s also the task of the Owners Corporation Management team to schedule maintenance of the grounds and coordinate with tradespersons, gardeners, and caretakers so that these facilities are being maintained according to the requirements set by the members of the body corporate.