Myths and Facts about Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatment will absolutely help you to achieve clean looking and white teeth. To have safe and effective whitening treatment, it must be performed by a professional dentist or a well trained staff under an expert supervision. But many people don’t believe in the power of teeth whitening and believes in some myths. Among those myths are the below.

  • It weakens the teeth. Teeth whitening is meant not to weaken teeth, but to cleanse and whiten teeth. It can only bring harm if a non-professional will perform the treatment.
  • Sensitivity of teeth and gums can get worst. Whitening may cause teeth and gum sensitivity, but it only lasts for hours or days. But, if an expert will check the reasons for sensitivity of the teeth, the whitening treatment can reduce the impact of teeth sensitivity.
  • Whitening can lighten the color of my crowns and porcelain filling. The treatment is only designed for natural teeth. It has no effect to crowns and porcelain fillings.
  • Tetracycline stains are not treatable. The possible cause for these stains is consuming antibiotic since child. If you are suffering from this condition, it’s not the end of the world for you. Your teeth can be whitened but you need to undergo several treatments.
  • After the treatment, I can have the Hollywood smile. Your teeth can be whitened up to 11 shades. Your teeth can be natural looking and you can have a confident smile. If you want to achieve a Hollywood smile, you need to undergo a more advanced dental whitening treatment.

These are some myths that most people believe in about teeth whitening. Remember, if handled by a professional, teeth whitening treatment can be safe and effective. Cosmetic dental clinic can also perform the treatment, but be sure that staffs are accompanied by a dentist. When you need a reliable service anywhere across Australia, check below links:

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