Guide on How to Use the Uwell Caliburn

This short, simple guide will help ensure you get the best experience and full benefits of using an Uwell Caliburn Disposable Pods system. Here, we have outlined some simple steps so ensure you get the best from your new device and care for it correctly. 

Attaching the Pod 

There are two magnets that pull the pod into place. You need to push the pod firmly into place until you hear a click. After a few months of use and common wear, you may not hear an audible click as loudly, but still be aware of attaching the pod correctly each time so it doesn’t come loose. 

Fixing Dry Hits

Even with the best Caliburn disposable pods around, sometimes you’ll get a dry hit and it’s perfectly common. There are two fixes for this, which will also extend the life of the pods:

Uwell Caliburn Pod

Prime the New Pod

With the pod unattached from the device, apply a few drops of e-juice into the center chimney and let it absorb the liquid. This speeds up the process of priming a new pod and is useful if you happen to dry hit the Caliburn but are still inhaling, despite a low level of e-juice. This will help to extend the life of your pods.

Primer Puff

The Primer Puff method involves removing the pod, then using a finger to cover the bottom of the pod and taking some short puffs to “prime” the device for new use. 

When to Refill the Pod

Remember to regularly check e-juice levels by looking through the side window or by pulling out the pod. Also, make sure your liquid is above the marked “MIN” line which is below the wick, which reminds you it’s time to refill your pod.

Activate Using the Button

There’s a fallback option in case the sensor fails, usually due to flooding. There’s a handy manual firing button you can use, just press and hold the main button while inhaling and release it when you’re done. That’s it!

Cleaning the Caliburn

If your Caliburn pod becomes flooded, which you may notice through a lack of vapor, it’s time for a clean. To clean the device, gently remove the pod and use a cotton swab to clean the bottom of the surface. 

The cotton swab will absorb excess e-juice that may be blocking the draw sensor. In most cases this will fix the no firing issue.

If all else still fails, the sensor may already have been damaged, but the good news is that after cleaning you can still use the button manually to activate the device.

Other Useful Tips

If you’ve followed the above steps and still find excess e-juice, the body of the Caliburn may have been flooded with e-liquid, in which case you can follow these useful tips:

  1. Gently remove the pod from the device
  2. Cover and wrap using paper towel around the bottom part of the device (USB)
  3. Using your mouth, cover the bottom part of the Caliburn
  4. Slowly and gently, blow out into the port to clear it
  5. Allow to dry, re-attach pod to device and try again