Guide on How to Sell Gold Jewellery

Too frequently, consumer sellers locate themselves in precarious situations trying to sell personal gold for the first time. Gold remains very much wanted items of steals and misrepresentations. There are many aspects and features one can find of gold-sellers that help protect personal interests. Consumers who take time to research can often be rewarded – with a better experience, a safer place or environment for the transaction, and higher price and return on the sale of gold. 

1. The Best Time to Sell Gold

Study the rules of supply and demand. Gold tends to be in more demand when the economy is in a bad shape as it’s seen as the safest form of investment. Therefore, consider the best time to sell your gold jewelry.

2. Don’t Rush

Converting your gold into quick cash might sound like a great idea, but you should not rush. Research and visit a cash-for-gold company, high street jeweler, pawnbroker, and online gold buying company. Compare their prices and sell your jewelry to them by offering the highest value.

3. Get the Best Value

Looking at the hallmarks of getting your jewelry measured will help you to know the real value of your gold jewelry. You can also get the value estimate from the nearest local jewelry shop or an online gold buying company.

4. Bargain Before You Sell Gold

Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price if you think the buyer is not offering enough for your gold. Visit many jewelers in your area and check if they’re willing to negotiate the best price for your gold jewelry. Gather quotes from several local jewels and online gold buyers, compare and sell your jewelry to the one offering the highest price. 

 5. Sell Gold Online

If your city doesn’t have enough jewelers, or if you are unable to find a good deal for your jewelry, sell your items online on a trusted gold buying company. Search online for the best gold buying companies before you sell gold jewelry in Sydney.

6. Look at The Value of The Whole Item

Gold buyers are usually interested in the value of the metal as a whole, rather than paying for any precious stones in them. They buy and sell your jewelry pieces to further meltdown and make new jewelry. They may remove any precious stones from the jewelry and discard them, preventing you from cashing in on their value. If you suspect any items you are about to sell have more value than just the gold in them, get them assessed and find the true worth before selling them.

 7. Compare Ratings

If you’re planning to sell your gold jewelry to a cash-for-gold company or online gold-buying firm, research their reputations online. This might help to make the right decision. Read about the company, the owner, online reviews, and customer ratings.

8. Know the purity of your gold

In almost all gold alloys there are 24 units that are usually called karats. If you buy gold with 24 karats that means it is 100% pure. The value of gold varies according to the purity; the purer the gold the higher the value.