Best VoIP Unlimited Monthly Plan

Vaitel offers the best unlimited VoIP plan and much more

A new era in technology has seen the rise in popularity of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Many small businesses are replacing old fashioned landlines for VoIP phones to save money and enjoy the many benefits of new collaborative communication tools. Due to this, competition for the best VoIP plans is also on the rise and offers customers a wide array of features and benefits to choose from. 

Research has widely supported the claim that VoIP saves on costs, both on local and international calls. Indeed technology has upped the ante in efficiency and productivity.  Automation features such as voice transcription, call routing, and digital receptionists have helped increase productivity for companies making an investment in the best VoIP plans out there.

Vaitel, a long-established US telecommunications company, offers some of the best unlimited VoIP plans in terms of cost, quality, packages, automation technology, audio and video conferencing, third-party software integrations, and much more. 

Let’s break down some of their best offers.

Unlimited Monthly VoIP Calling Plan

This plan is currently only $15.00 per month exclusive of taxes and fees and the contract is renewable on a monthly basis and charges only $0.03 per minute of overage.

This is a VoIP service delivered onto mobile or IP handset. The broadband may be provided by Vaitel or another provider and the plan does not include the cost of your broadband internet connection.

Plan inclusions

  • 2 concurrent calls
  • 1 local phone number from your nominated area (within the US)
  • Optional add-on calling packs and services available for purchase, visit the Vaitel website for more details

Service Availability

Vaitel’s unlimited VoIP plan requires a mobile and/or fixed broadband internet service. Each VoIP call requires a minimum of 100kbps of uninterrupted upstream and downstream bandwidth for optimal quality.

Small and Medium Business Eligibility

Vaitel’s VoIP plan is available to US business customers only. To be eligible for this plan, you or your business need to provide registered business details when inquiring. 

Cloud PBX Features 

What’s great about this plan is that it includes access to all Cloud PBX features to enable you to use and enjoy this service. The Cloud PBX is available to all customers and unlocks the power of integrated VoIP and all the benefits it brings. 

Prepaid Service

Customers can benefit greatly from this plan’s prepaid feature. This saves a lot of money as customers pay only for what they can afford, and scale up or down later as needed. This service is to be pre-paid in advance. This includes calling, value added extras and add-ons, equipment purchases and number porting. No matter what service you require, the size of your team or your budget available, Vaitel has a range of plans and packages which will be right for you. For more information on this and other offers, start by taking a look at Vaitel’s unlimited VoIP plan.