Are You Having Storage Problems? Here Are Possible Solutions

Do you have storage problems? Do your materials occupy more space than you never intended? Worry no more. Do you know what vertical storage system is? Many people or companies who own warehouses are always facing the challenge of trying to use the floor area effectively. With the growth of digital, warehouses should have or should use as minimum space as possible so as more goods can be accommodated in that area; however small it might be.

Various companies have opted to use the vertical storage system to store medium or small items. This method is effective because it gives easy retrieval of the items as well as minimizes the space used in the storage. By having an organized way of storing items, more items can be stored in a small space.

Vertical filling system

Carousel storage system.

The carousel storage system is automated storage with stock or materials in bins, or shelves revolves in a track. It allows the storage of large quantities of items or stocks in a small floor area. There are two types of the carousel storage system;

  1. Horizontal carousel storage system.

In this system, the stocks travel horizontally on the floor or mezzanine, just like those found in most dry cleaning facilities.

2. Vertical carousel storage system

As the name suggests, it travels in a vertical motion just like a ferries wheel.

benefit of Storage System

Benefits of vertical storage systems.

  1. Efficiency.

Vertical carousel storage system improves the accessibility of the stored goods. When accessibility is improved, the time to retrieve the items is minimal, and this increases productivity. The employees who work at Australia carousels don’t have to go around the warehouse looking for items. Instead, they just press a button, and the items will come.

  1. Space economy.

The current vertical carousel storage helps to save a huge area of space. Taking advantage of the unused space in height enables the warehouse to save up to 90% of the space. The main point is to save the space used for storage, and when space is saved, other activities can be done in that saved space.

  1. Improved operator safety.

Because the carousel storage is designed to bring the items directly to the operator, this eliminates the possibilities of accidents that would occur when the operator will be climbing up and down on shelves to bring items. It also prevents fatigue less in the operators, making them work well. The picker of the goods is also relieved of the pressure of walking to the storage point. Instead, he/she will just wait for the carousel storage to bring the goods.

  1. Enhanced product safety.

Security is key in any storage system. The carousel storage is operated by authorized personal that use passwords to operate any given machine. This has improved the security of the commodities. Also, the carousel is made of hard materials that cannot be easily broken in by thieves and any other external damages.

  1. Customized storage.

Depending on how a client wants, his/her commodity to be stored. Carousel is made and configured in a different way to suit the client’s preference, just like in Australia carousels. The client has a say on how their commodities should be stored depending on the shape and other factors.